Although I’m pretty sure that many women before me have expressed the same sentiment, I’m going to do it again.   Because apparently, all the other written blogs, articles, and verbally expressed frustrations from other pregnant women are not enough to stop the general public from offering their unsolicited comments on a pregnant woman’s size. So, again, […]

Recently, I read an article titled “7 Appeals To Moms From Women Without Children,” which really resonated with me.   The post came from the perspective of women without children, with a list of things for those of us who do have children to consider (mostly, a list of “don’t” behaviours, that encourage thought before judgement). Here is what I would like my […]

I’ve been a little slow to blog lately on the progress of my inner ear virus, mainly because I wanted to spend the remainder of my maternity leave just focusing on my daughter!   My New Year’s Resolutions were to: 1.  Take the focus off my symptoms, no matter how shitty I feel, and try […]