The Talking Cupcake

Love the reference to the “BoBo” envelope here! Make sure you check out Maria’s Sweet Treats!

Maria's Sweet Treats

When is a cupcake more than just a cupcake?

We have the best neighbours in the world and when they shared with us the news that they were expecting a child we were overjoyed for them. One day Rob our neighbour came over and dropped off an envelope. It was a special ‘Bobo’ envelope.

Inside was the result of their ultrasound. They chose not to know the gender of their child until it could be revealed to their whole family. This is where I came in. I would be the first one to know. How exciting! I was given the task of making cupcakes filled with either blue frosting for a boy or pink frosting for a girl.

Sometimes I get a request that means more than just mixing up ingredients and making something delectable. Happily I get to tell a story.

Will it be a girl or boy? Find…

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